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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : &UNDEFINE preprocessor directive

&UNDEFINE preprocessor directive

Undefines a compile-time constant (preprocessor name).


&UNDEFINE preprocessor-name
The preprocessor name (compile-time constant) that you want to undefine.


*When you use the &UNDEFINE directive, ABL warns you if the name you want to undefine was not previously defined.
*The &UNDEFINE directive undefines the currently active name. It also undefines named include file arguments.
*To globally define the same name more than once, use this directive to undefine the name before redefining it. If you do not undefine the global name before redefining it, the compiler produces a warning message for non-globally (scoped) defined names. For globally defined names, &UNDEFINE is optional, but recommended for code readability. If &UNDEFINE is not used, the last &GLOBAL-DEFINE statement is used.

See also

&GLOBAL-DEFINE preprocessor directive, &SCOPED-DEFINE preprocessor directive, DEFINED preprocessor function