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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : &SCOPED-DEFINE preprocessor directive

&SCOPED-DEFINE preprocessor directive

Defines a compile-time constant (preprocessor name) non-globally.


&SCOPED-DEFINE preprocessor-name definition
The preprocessor name (compile-time constant) that you supply. ABL reserved keywords are allowed, but cannot be used in preprocessor expressions.
A string of characters (or preprocessor references that evaluate to a string of characters) whose content the preprocessor substitutes for preprocessor-name during compilation. If definition is longer than on line, a tilde (~) at the end of a line indicates continuation to the next line.


*You must place the &SCOPED-DEFINE directive at the beginning of a line, preceded only by blanks, tab characters, or comments (/* comment */). The preprocessor trims all leading and trailing spaces from definition.
*The syntax of the &GLOBAL-DEFINE and &SCOPED-DEFINE directives are identical but these directives are used differently.

See also

{ } Preprocessor name reference, &GLOBAL-DEFINE preprocessor directive, &UNDEFINE preprocessor directive, DEFINED preprocessor function