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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : ActiveX Control Support : Orienting a control in the user interface at design time : Setting control tab order
Setting control tab order
Control tab order is established by the attributes of the control-frame widget. The control-frame is a dynamic widget parented (by the AppBuilder) to a static frame. As such, each control-frame in the frame assumes a default tab order that begins after any static input widgets (such as buttons) parented by the frame. However, the AppBuilder generates code that adjusts the tab order of widgets to match the order that you insert them in the design window. At design time, you can reset the tab order of widgets different from the insertion order using the Tab Editor dialog box in the AppBuilder. For information on managing the tab order of ActiveX controls at runtime, see Managing ActiveX controls at runtime.
Note: As you tab between ActiveX controls and field-level widgets at design time or at runtime, ABL shows no indication of focus in the ActiveX controls. Otherwise, ActiveX controls behave like any other widget in an ABL frame.