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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Introduction to External Program Interfaces : COM objects: Automation objects and ActiveX controls : Requirements for using ActiveX controls : Run-mode requirements
Run-mode requirements
An ActiveX control is always in run mode when you execute a OpenEdge application that includes it. No license is required for run-time access to an ActiveX control. Thus, to deploy and execute an application that contains ActiveX controls, you must provide at least the following files:
*The .w file generated by the AppBuilder for your application, or the compiled r-code file
*The .wrx file saved with your application
*The .ocx file for each ActiveX control contained in your application
*Other DLL support files and files containing data and bitmaps that come installed with the ActiveX control
The .wrx file contains most of the information required to use each ActiveX control instance at runtime, often including references to bitmaps and other external files.