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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Introduction to External Program Interfaces : COM objects: Automation objects and ActiveX controls

COM objects: Automation objects and ActiveX controls

COM objects are encapsulated Windows application objects that conform to specifications of the Microsoft Component Object Model. As such, COM objects provide functionality for an application that might not otherwise be supported by ABL. This allows you to acquire functional elements for your OpenEdge applications from third-party vendors as well as from Progress Software Corporation.
The COM standard allows ABL to access a COM object through its properties, methods, and events. This is analogous to how ABL provides access to widget attributes, methods, and events. However, ABL provides access to COM objects through an industry-standard mechanism and provides access to widgets through a proprietary mechanism.
* COM objects supported in ABL
* Support for COM object properties and methods
* Support for Automation object events
* Support for ActiveX control events
* COM object sources
* Requirements for using Automation objects
* Requirements for using ActiveX controls
* Programming requirements