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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : ActiveX Control Support : Managing ActiveX controls at runtime : Releasing control resources
Releasing control resources
The following material describes the process of creating and freeing control-frame widgets. This is automatically done by the AppBuilder, but, like any other dynamic widget, you can delete a control-frame some time after you create it.
You can delete a control-frame using two techniques:
*Associate the control-frame with a widget pool in the CREATE statement. When you delete the widget pool, ABL deletes the control-frame widget and also releases its control-frame COM object. This is the default technique used by the AppBuilder. (The AppBuilder uses the default unnamed widget pool that is deleted when the .w ends.)
*Explicitly delete the control-frame using the DELETE WIDGET statement. This statement deletes the control-frame widget and also releases the control-frame COM object.
* Releasing ActiveX controls
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