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Programming Interfaces
Input/Output Processes : Handling User Input : The keyboard and the mouse : Key translation functions
Key translation functions
ABL key codes, key labels, and key functions are interrelated, and ABL provides a set of built-in functions to convert from one to another. The following figure shows how the conversions work, and which functions to use for each conversion.
Figure 19. ABL key translation functions
You can use the KEYCODE function to determine the key code for a particular key. For example, the following function returns the value 127, which is the integer code assigned to DEL. Use the KEYLABEL function to determine the keyboard label for a particular key code. For example:
The following function returns the value CTRL+G:
See OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference for more information on the KBLABEL, KEYCODE, KEYFUNCTION, and KEYLABEL functions.