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Programming Interfaces
Database Administration Entity Collection Interface Reference : ITableSet interface : ITableSet methods

ITableSet methods

Inherits methods from IDataAdminCollection and defines the methods listed in the following table.
Table 139. Multi-tenant Maintenance ITableSet interface methods
Method syntax
Returns TRUE if there is a table object in the set that has its Name property set to tblName.
LOGICAL Contains ( tblImpl AS ITable )
Returns TRUE if the table object referenced by tblImpl is in the set.
ITable Find ( tblName AS CHARACTER )
Returns the table object from the set that has its Name property set to tblName. Returns the Unknown value (?) if the object is not found.
VOID ImportTree ( pcFilename AS CHARACTER ,
  pcCollections AS CHARACTER )
Import table data to the collection, including child collections specified by pcCollections, from file specified by pcFilename. (The top-level table must exist.)1 Child collections are specified in pcCollections as a comma-separated list of entity names, for instance, "Fields,Indexes".

1 Currently supports JSON (.json) files only.

See also:
*IDataAdminCollection interface
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