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Programming Interfaces
Database Administration Entity Collection Interface Reference

Database Administration Entity Collection Interface Reference

This appendix provides a reference to entity collection interfaces that support the ABL API for Multi-tenant Maintenance. For more information on this API, see ABL API for Multi-tenant and Table Partition Management. These entity collection interfaces provide public access to classes that implement specialized collections of most of the various sub-interface objects of IDataAdminElement, which is the super interface of all entity interfaces in the API. Many of the collections can be retrieved and updated directly using the DataAdminService. The collections are also used to represent the "many" end of a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship among the various entity objects, in which case the service can read and update them together with their parent.
All collection interfaces (and classes) inherit (or implement) the IDataAdminCollection interface, and in some cases, other interfaces. In the sections that describe these interfaces, the interface names are referenced without their containing packages, which include:
*OpenEdge.DataAdmin — For both entity collection interfaces and the entity interfaces of objects stored in these API collections (documented in Database Administration Entity Interface Reference)
*OpenEdge.DataAdmin.Lang.Collections — For the general iterator interface, IIterator, used to navigate the entity objects in a collection.
Any code s in this appendix assume required USING statement declarations for OpenEdge.DataAdmin.* and OpenEdge.DataAdmin.Lang.Collections.*, and the definition and instantiation of the DataAdminService (service) as shown in Instantiating a DataAdminService.
* Collection interface naming conventions
* Common collection features
* IAreaSet interface
* IAuthenticationSystemSet interface
* IDataAdminCollection interface
* IDomainSet interface
* IExtentList interface
* IFieldPermissionSet interface
* IFieldSet interface
* IIndexSet interface
* IIterator interface
* IPartitionCollection interface
* IPartitionMap interface
* IPartitionPolicyDetailSet interface
* IPartitionPolicySet interface
* ISchemaPartitionMap interface
* ISequenceSet interface
* ISequenceValueMap interface
* ITablePermissionSet interface
* ITableSet interface
* ITenantGroupSet interface
* ITenantSet interface
* IUserFieldPermissionSet interface
* IUserPermissionSet interface
* IUserSet interface
* IUserTablePermissionSet interface