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Programming Interfaces
Database Administration Entity Collection Interface Reference : Common collection features

Common collection features

All the collection implementations override the Progress.Lang.Object Equals( ) method to return TRUE if the specified objects:
*Have the same class type
*Have the same number of elements, and every element contained in one object is contained in the other object
This ensures that collections that are different class instances or contain different class instances are still seen as equal when they represent the same underlying data.
All references to collection objects are specialized in that they return the actual interface they support, allowing you to use the objects without casting.
However, there are no specialized iterators in the collections. All collections support the same OpenEdge.DataAdmin.Lang.Collections.IIterator with a Next( ) method that returns a Progress.Lang.Object. So, you must cast the objects returned from a collection with this iterator to the appropriate interface for processing. For more information, see IIterator interface.