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Programming Interfaces
Data Management : ABL API for Multi-tenant and Table Partition Management : Overview of the API : API packages, classes, and interfaces : Interface naming conventions
Interface naming conventions
The API uses a standard naming convention for public interface names:


Where ClassName is the name of the implementing class for the interface. For entity objects, ClassName is the entity name. For example, the IArea interface is implemented by the Area class (for area objects) and the IAreaSet interface is implemented by the AreaSet class (for area collection objects). In the case of a few public super interfaces, which are implemented by several classes, ClassName is a more general name for the group of implementing classes and is appended with Element (for entity classes) or Collection (for entity collection classes). For example, IDataAdminElement is implemented by all entity classes and IDataAdminCollection is implemented by all entity collection classes. In addition, the API supports multiple kinds of entity collections, depending on the entity, and collection interfaces have a more detailed naming convention based on the kind of collection. For more information, see Collection interface naming conventions.