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Programming Interfaces
Data Management : ABL API for Multi-tenant and Table Partition Management : Overview of the API

Overview of the API

The purpose of the API is to allow ABL code to read and update multi-tenant and table partition related schema information. It is designed to provide access to the typical operations for configuring the tenants of a multi-tenant database, configuring the partitions of a horizontally partitioned table, and provides access to the schema information required to complete these operations. In addition to entity objects, the API supports various types of collection objects for managing multiple entity instances at one time.
Before attempting to use this API, you should be familiar with configuring multi-tenant databases and partitioned tables using the OpenEdge Data Dictionary, Database Administration Console in the OpenEdge Explorer and OpenEdge Management, and other database utilities. For more information, see the following manuals:
*OpenEdge Getting Started: Multi-tenancy Overview
*OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration
*OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Getting Started with Multi-tenancy
*OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Configuring Multi-tenancy
Using this API, you can:
*Create, read, update, or delete authentication systems, domains, tenants, tenant groups, partition policies, indexes and users defined in the database.
*Read and create areas and extents, but you cannot update or delete them.
*Update multi-tenant information for existing tables and read information, including partition information, on table indexes and large object (LOB) fields provided as child collections
*Allocate table, index, and field partitions and edit the area for any partition; the creation and deletion of related schema elements happens automatically.
*Create, update, and delete sequences. Creating sequences is a multi-tenant schema operation, because you can only create a new sequence as a multi-tenant after deleting any existing shared sequence that you want to create as multi-tenant. Multi-tenant sequences also have a child collection that allows you to edit the current value for each tenant.
Other general schema objects cannot be created, deleted, or updated by the API.
Although the API does not support the direct schema creation, deletion, and update of tables, fields, and indexes, the API does support the loading of definition files (.df) and provides access to the same load options as the Data Administration utility as well as specific multi-tenant and table partition options. You can also conveniently access all partitions created as part of loading these definitions.
User identity management is important for multi-tenant management, and the API provides access to the permission information on tables and fields defined in the database. It also allows you to update the Security Administrators defined for an OpenEdge database by updating the CAN-DO function expression used in the database to specify user ID pattern lists for Security Administrators.
* API packages, classes, and interfaces
* API entities and entity service methods