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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : System Clipboard : Single-item data transfers : Implementing single-item transfers
Implementing single-item transfers
You can implement each clipboard operation based on the type of widget that currently has the input focus (FOCUS:TYPE) and the state of its text selection and other attributes. For example, you can decide whether to copy all or part of an editor widget value by the values of the SELECTION-START and SELECTION-END attributes. You typically implement each clipboard operation in the trigger block of the CHOOSE event for the corresponding Edit menu option. In this way, the user can only perform a clipboard operation associated with an Edit menu option that is enabled.
The following code example implements the clipboard operations enabled by the code example in the previous section. Note that for editor widgets (FOCUS:TYPE = "EDITOR"), if the user has text selected, the procedure transfers data between the clipboard and the SELECTION-TEXT rather than the VALUE attribute itself.
* Paste operations
* Cut operations
* Copy operations