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Data Management : Database Access : The CONTAINS operator : Using word-break tables : Examples of word-break tables
Examples of word-break tables
The following is an example of a word-break table for Unicode:
/* a word-break table for Unicode */

#define DOLLAR-SIGN '$'

Version = 9
Codepage = utf-8
wordrules-name = utf8sample
type = 2

word_attr =
{  '.',        BEFORE_DIGIT,
  ',',         BEFORE-DIGIT,
  0x2D,        BEFORE_DIGIT,
  39,          IGNORE,
  '%',         USE-IT,
  '#',         USE_IT,
  '@',         USE-IT,
  '_',         USE_IT,
As the preceding example illustrates, word-break tables can contain comments delimited as follows:
/* this is a comment */
For more examples, see the word-break tables that ABL provides in source-code form. They reside in the DLC/prolang/convmap directory and have the file extension .wbt.
Note: ABL supplies a word-break table for each code page it supports.