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Data Management : Database Access : The CONTAINS operator

The CONTAINS operator

You can use the CONTAINS operator of the WHERE option of the record phrase to query a OpenEdge database. For example, the following query displays each Item record of the sports2000 database whose CatDescription field contains the string "hockey":
FOR EACH Item WHERE Item.CatDescription CONTAINS "hockey":
Using the CONTAINS operator involves word indexes and word-break tables. This section explains why and tells you how to use word indexes and word-break tables. Specifically, the section covers:
*Using word indexes
*Using word-break tables
*Using the CONTAINS operator
*Word indexing external documents
*Word indexing non-OpenEdge databases
Note: Word indexes and word-break tables have international implications. To understand these implications, first read this section, then see OpenEdge Development: Internationalizing Applications.
* The CONTAINS operator and word indexes
* Word indexes and word-break tables
* Creating and viewing word indexes
* Using word-break tables
* Writing queries using the CONTAINS operator
* Word indexing external documents
* Word indexing non-OpenEdge databases