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Updating Data with ProDataSets : Processing changes : Using the SAVE-ROW-CHANGES method in the update procedure

Using the SAVE-ROW-CHANGES method in the update procedure

If you open up the updateOrder.p procedure again, you can replace the whole CASE statement with the SAVE-ROW-CHANGES method, as shown:
FOR EACH ttOlineBefore:
You can save this and rerun the window procedure to confirm that the save works the same as before. SAVE-ROW-CHANGES saves you all the work of the steps you coded individually in the CASE statement. You can still take advantage of the attributes and methods you used if you need to perform some part of the work of SAVE-ROW-CHANGES without using all of what it does. The default transaction handling is to treat each individual row save as its own transaction. If you want a larger transaction scope, you can define the DO TRANSACTION block at the level that is appropriate. Remember that there is no SAVE-CHANGES method to apply all changes in a single method call because there is so much variety both to the order in which the changes should be applied and to the transaction scope used for the changes.