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Updating Data with ProDataSets

Updating Data with ProDataSets

Once you have filled a ProDataSet with data and passed it to a client for display, you will likely have to process changes to the data. The ProDataSet supports a number of features to help you capture changes made on the client, pass them back to the server, and then apply those changes to the Data-Source tables. Of course, you can also make changes within a single session, even within a single procedure, and write them back to the database without passing the ProDataSet from session to session. The ProDataSet update features map to similar support for capturing updates in Microsoft's ADO .NET environment, so that changes made to a .NET DataSet, for example, in a Visual Basic or C# application, can be passed directly to the AVM, and the record of all the changes is reproduced on the OpenEdge side with no loss of information. The same process works in the other direction as well.
* Tracking changes in the temp-tables of a ProDataSet
* Processing changes
* Setting and using ERROR, ERROR-STRING, and REJECTED
* ProDataSet change events