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Updating Data with ProDataSets : Tracking changes in the temp-tables of a ProDataSet : ROW-STATE attribute : Special restrictions on TRACKING-CHANGES
Special restrictions on TRACKING-CHANGES
These are some general restrictions on the use of TRACKING-CHANGES that mostly exist as sanity checks to prevent people from doing unexpected things and expecting something useful to happen:
*If you try to do a FILL or an EMPTY-DATASET while TRACKING-CHANGES is true, the AVM raises an error.
*If you pass a ProDataSet remotely or locally by value and TRACKING-CHANGES is true for the ProDataSet or any of its tables, the before- and after-tables are passed in their current state, but the value of the TRACKING-CHANGES attribute is not passed. That is, it is not automatically set to true on the receiving side.
Normally, if you set TRACKING-CHANGES to true, make changes, and then pass the ProDataSet as a parameter, the receiver processes the changes without making further changes that should be recorded in the before-table. If the receiving procedure wants to make further changes, it must set TRACKING-CHANGES to true after receiving the ProDataSet parameter.