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Advanced Read Operations : ProDataSets as a data access layer : ProDataSets with more than one top-level table

ProDataSets with more than one top-level table

A typical ProDataSet will likely have a single top-level parent table and perhaps one or more child tables beneath it, representing one or more levels of parent-child relationships. But there can be many other reasonable combinations as well. Some business entities (and therefore their ProDataSets) might have more than one top-level table, representing two or more subobjects that, for whatever reason, are always used together. If they are sometimes used independently, then you are likely best off building a ProDataSet for each one and then another ProDataSet that combines them. You might also have sets of tables that have no formal relationship at all, but are simply convenient or logical to access together. Sets of code tables that you need to load at the same time are one example of this. In this case all the code tables would be top-level tables with perhaps no children and no Data-Relations. The example later in this section is of this type, just to show how this kind of ProDataSet could be used.