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Advanced Read Operations : ProDataSets as a data access layer

ProDataSets as a data access layer

This section shows you how you can encapsulate the data access layer of your application architecture using a type of procedure that defines and uses Data-Sources for your ProDataSets. This discussion is not a formal template, but it is a starting point for organizing the different parts of your application. To think about the data access layer as distinct from the rest of your business logic is taken up again later.
* Defining the right internal representation
* Defining the right granularity for your ProDataSets
* Defining the right top-level table for a ProDataSet
* ProDataSets with more than one top-level table
* Dynamic versus static ProDataSets
* Sharing ProDataSet and temp-table definitions between procedures
* Building a data access support procedure
* Data access procedure example
* Caching complex derived data in a ProDataSet
* Summary of the data access procedure