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Advanced Events and Attributes

Advanced Events and Attributes

ProDataSets Events introduced the FILL events you use to extend the default behavior of a ProDataSet or buffer FILL. This chapter describes more events and attributes. Some of the techniques shown include examples of:
*Doing a successive FILL of a ProDataSet, where an initial FILL populates the parent table of a ProDataSet and then later requests fill in more detail for selected top-level rows.
*Activating and deactivating Data-Relations and using FILL-MODE to control how much of a ProDataSet is filled at one time.
*Refreshing rows that have already been retrieved by re-reading the Data-Source.
*Using the OUTPUT APPEND option on a parameter to bring successively more data over.
* Query OFF-END Event
* Buffer BATCH-SIZE and LAST-BATCH attributes
* ProDataSet buffer FIND-FAILED event
* SYNCHRONIZE event for a ProDataSet buffer
* Successive loading of ProDataSet data
* Summary