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Advanced Events and Attributes : Summary


The examples showed the following ways to use the ProDataSet to read data flexibly and efficiently:
*Doing successive fills, starting with header information and filling in detail when needed, can be much more efficient than initially filling a ProDataSet with a large amount of data that the user might never need to look at.
*You can populate a portion of a ProDataSet by deactivating relations or setting the FILL-MODE of one or more tables to "NO-FILL."
*You can refresh data on the client by deleting the rows to be refreshed and then requesting new data from the server.
*You can use the OUTPUT APPEND parameter mode to add data to a ProDataSet in multiple requests.
*Alternatively, you can use a second ProDataSet as a parameter and then use the COPY-DATASET method to combine data from multiple fills more flexibly.
The next chapter includes an example of how to batch large amounts of data from server to client.