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Object-oriented Programming
Preface : Organization


Object-oriented Programming and ABL
Introduces support for classes in ABL, compares and contrasts programming with procedures and programming with classes, and provides an overview of object-oriented programming for the ABL programmer.
Getting Started with Classes, Interfaces, and Objects
Describes the syntax and provides examples of defining classes and interfaces, and describes basic object life-cycle management.
Designing Objects: Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Delegation
Describes how to use inheritance, polymorphism, and delegation to design and organize class-based objects.
Programming with Class-based Objects
Describes how to instantiate and program with class-based objects.
Programming with Class-based and Procedure Objects
Describes how to use class-based and procedure objects in an ABL application.
Developing and Deploying Classes
Describes how to use ABL development tools and ABL features to create, compile, and deploy class files.
Overloaded Method and Constructor Calling Scenarios
Describes several different parameter matching scenarios for calls to overloaded methods and constructors and how ABL handles them.