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Object-oriented Programming
Object-oriented Programming and ABL

Object-oriented Programming and ABL

Object-oriented programming is a popular programming model within the software development industry. There are standard concepts that all object-oriented programming languages support, such as encapsulation, inheritance, and strong typing. In releases prior to OpenEdge® 10.1A, ABL provides limited support for these concepts in the language using persistent procedures. The current release of OpenEdge provides language extensions to more completely support these standard object-oriented programming concepts in a way that is commonly available in other object-oriented languages, such as Java.
These object-oriented extensions complement the basic power of ABL, and its procedural programming model, with an alternative programming model that can seamlessly coexist with applications written using the procedural programming model. Thus, the object-oriented extensions continue to support the core features of ABL—business orientation, high productivity, and ease of use. These core features represent the true power of ABL that differentiate it from other development languages.
* Support for classes in ABL
* Programming models in ABL
* Overview of object-oriented programming
* Overview of class-based ABL
* Programming conventions for classes