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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Configuration : Managing Open Client root digital certificates : Java Open Clients : Root digital certificate packages
Root digital certificate packages
The following table lists the Open Client application type and root digital certificate packages OpenEdge distributes.
Table 2. Root digital certificate packages
For . . .
OpenEdge supplies this root digital certificate package . . .
Java Open Client applications
Java applets running only in the Netscape browser
Java applets running only in the Internet Explorer browser
In all cases, the root digital certificates OpenEdge distributes are in binary (DER) format. All certificate files use compressed filenames and have the .cer file extension. The exception is for the Netscape Internet Browser, where the root digital certificates are in files with the .txt file extension. These root digital certificate packages also include a copy of the root digital certificate for the built-in OpenEdge CA, pscca.cer.