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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Configuration : Managing Open Client root digital certificates : Java Open Clients

Java Open Clients

Progress Software Corporation recommends your application or applet be distributed with a minimal set of root digital certificates from the set provided. You then can provide application or applet deployers with the capability of adding one or more root digital certificates using the setCertificateStore() method (or by setting the certificateStore property), to satisfy their specific requirements. This provides deployers with a way to develop their specific method of distributing their own root digital certificates to their users and then dynamically configuring the Open Client application or applet to use them.
Note: If the Web server is configured to use a digital certificate issued by a private Certificate Authority, it would never be included in the set distributed with OpenEdge.
The compressed filenames of the root digital certificates do not indicate which certificates are included; however, OpenEdge provides a certificate management utility you can use to view and manage the files. For more information, see OpenEdge Development: Java Open Clients.
* Root digital certificate packages