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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Programming Concepts : Passing parameters : Handling return values

Handling return values

For any remote ABL procedure, the corresponding proxy method can be customized to return the ABL RETURN-VALUE; otherwise, the method returns void. Alternatively, after calling the method, the client can access the current value of the ABL RETURN-VALUE function by calling the common method for Java and .NET Open Clients shown in the following table:
Java method
.NET method
This method returns the current value of RETURN-VALUE as set by the RETURN statement most recently executed on the AppServer for this connection. It returns a string, which can be null, so the client should check for an ABL Unknown value (?). AppObjects, SubAppObjects, and ProcObjects all support this method.
The RETURN-VALUE function is set in ABL using the RETURN string or the RETURN ERROR string statement. For more information on these statements, see OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference, and for how they function in an AppServer application, see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.
For any remote user-defined function, ProxyGen defines the corresponding method to return a value that is compatible with the ABL data type returned by the user-defined function.
Note: For a complete discussion or error handling techniques, including the use of the new structured error handling features, see OpenEdge Development: Error Handling.