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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Programming Concepts

Programming Concepts

All Open Clients use equivalent mechanisms to access an AppServer application service. In general, accessing an AppServer using an Open Client interface follows this process:
1. Connect to an AppServer that supports the required application service, by instantiating an AppObject (and calling connect for SOAP Web services).
2. Instantiate any other proxy objects whose methods you want to call.
3. Execute proxy methods that run remote procedures and functions on the AppServer.
4. Disconnect from the AppServer when it is no longer needed.
For more detailed information about specific clients, see OpenEdge Development: Java Open Clients, OpenEdge Development: .NET Open Clients, and OpenEdge Development: Web Services.
* Connecting to an AppServer
* Getting user input for run-time connection information
* Understanding proxy and Web service object methods
* Passing parameters
* Accessing Open Client run-time properties
* Handling errors in an Open Client application
* Accessing an AppServer directly without proxies