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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Programming Concepts : Handling errors in an Open Client application : Client-side errors

Client-side errors

For Java and .NET, the proxy returns all client-side errors to the client. An example of a client-side error is an input parameter whose schema does not match that of the corresponding ABL temp-table. The proxy throws an exception for any such error. in a manner appropriate for your type of client. SOAP Web service clients may detect client-side errors based on the WSDL; however, the Open Client has no influence on this behavior.
Because the error occurs before the request is sent to the AppServer, the request is cancelled with no effect on the AppServer. In general, client-side errors have no effect on the AppServer to which the client is connected. However, the AppServer does try to detect the abnormal termination of a client connection and execute the configured disconnect sequence when it happens.