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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Overview : Accessing AppServer functionality : The object model : ADM SmartObjects and SmartDataObjects (Java only)
ADM SmartObjects and SmartDataObjects (Java only)
The AppBuilder, which is part of the OpenEdge Application Development Environment (ADE), allows you to build preprogrammed persistent procedures that adhere to the OpenEdge Application Development Model (ADM). The ADM allows you to build persistent procedures as reusable application building blocks known as SmartObjects. The Open Client Toolkit allows you to access a type of SmartObject known as a SmartDataObject, which dynamically accesses and updates temp-table data. As a result, you can run a SmartDataObject on the AppServer like any persistent procedure and, using the Open Client Runtime, you can access the SmartDataObject from a Java application. For more information on SmartDataObjects, see OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder.
In Java, you also can access the SmartDataObject as an extended Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 2 ResultSet.
For more information, see the chapter on using SmartDataObjects from Java clients in OpenEdge Development: Java Open Clients.
Note: Because you must access SmartDataObjects as ProcObjects in the Open Client application, you might consider avoiding them for use in session-free applications. For more information, see the .