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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Overview : Accessing AppServer functionality

Accessing AppServer functionality

Application services on an AppServer are organized into physical procedure files. To generate an Open Client interface, you must compile and save the r-code for these files before ProxyGen can access them, even if your deployment strategy ultimately relies on the source files. (R-code is the binary run code executed by the ABL interpreter.) Once the AppServer r-code files are available, you can use ProxyGen to identify and customize Open Client access to the procedures and functions defined by these files. To make the r-code files available to ProxyGen, you can:
*Run ProxyGen on the same machine where the r-code resides or a machine with access to a network file system where the r-code resides.
*Copy the r-code files to the machine where you run ProxyGen (if this is different than the AppServer machine), maintaining the directory structure underneath the AppServer PROPATH.
When you organize these procedure files using ProxyGen, and program the application to use them, you must consider two fundamental features of an Open Client application:
*The sessionmodel
*The object model
* The session model
* The object model