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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Generating Proxies and Web Service Definitions : Specifying generation settings

Specifying generation settings

Among the settings you can specify to complete an Open Client interface are a set of preferences for generating Open Client proxies or SOAP Web service definitions. This information becomes part of the Open Client interface definition. You can set and change these generation settings at different points in a ProxyGen session:
*To set the default preferences for generating a new Open Client interface, use the Default Preferences dialog box (choose Options® Default Preferences from the menu bar). The settings you choose become the default settings for all Open Client interfaces once you click the OK button and save the project file.
These options specify such information as an application service name for the AppServer connection, compiler options for Open Client proxy generation, and WSDL style and use for Web service generation. By default, ProxyGen initializes these settings from, and saves them to, the OpenEdge-install-directory\properties\proxygen.xml file.
*To set the preferences for generating the current Open Client interface, use the Generate Proxies dialog box (choose File® Generate or the Generate toolbar button). The settings you choose remain set for the current Open Client interface once you generate the interface with these settings and save the project file. For more information on generating an Open Client interface, see Validating and generating an Open Client proxy or Web service definition.
You can specify a local preferences file in the properties of the ProxyGen icon. See the UsingProxyGen execution options.
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