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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Generating Proxies and Web Service Definitions : Getting started with ProxyGen : Using ProxyGen execution options

Using ProxyGen execution options

You can modify the operation of ProxyGen and Batch ProxyGen using ProxyGen startup options, specified in the shortcut icon for ProxyGen. You can view and edit the shortcut by selecting the icon, then right-clicking and selecting Properties. You can edit the following Target information on the icon properties:
*/wrkdir dir — Specifies the project work directory for ProxyGen. This is the default location for ProxyGen project files. The default is the OpenEdge work directory you specify during installation of the Open Client Toolkit. (Do not change the Start in field instead; this has no effect on ProxyGen operation.)
*/preffile preffile — Specifies the file for ProxyGen generation preferences. The default is OpenEdge-install-directory\properties\proxygen.xml. You can create a local preference file by copying proxygen.xml to a local directory and using this option for ProxyGen to use the local preferences file.
To convert a preferences file from Progress Version 9 to OpenEdge format, see Converting a preferences file from Progress Version 9 to OpenEdge .