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GUI for .NET Programming
Accessing and Managing .NET Classes from ABL : Defining ABL-extended .NET objects : Managing events for ABL-derived .NET classes

Managing events for ABL-derived .NET classes

Because an ABL-derived .NET class inherits the events of its .NET base class, you can subscribe to these events on an ABL-derived class instance in the same way you subscribe to the events of any .NET class. For more information, see Handling .NET events. You can also publish an inherited .NET event from within an ABL-derived class using any inherited .NET method provided to publish the event, and you can directly publish any inherited .NET abstract events that you implement using the ABL built-in Publish( ) event method.
Finally, you can define ABL events to delegate the management of events for .NET objects that you privately define in an ABL-derived .NET container class. For example, if you are implementing an ABL-derived .NET user control that contains a set of private .NET controls, this allows you to make existing .NET control events available outside an inherited control container without making the contained .NET controls public.
* Publishing inherited .NET events
* Publishing inherited .NET abstract events
* Handling events on controls contained by ABL-derived .NET classes