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GUI for .NET Programming
Accessing and Managing .NET Classes from ABL : Handling .NET events : Identifying the events published by a .NET object

Identifying the events published by a .NET object

As with ABL class events, .NET events are members of any .NET class that defines and publishes them. You can therefore identify these events and the signatures they require in the documentation that describes the members of a given .NET class, as well as using the Class Browser of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. For more information on the events supported by a given .NET object, see the Microsoft, the Infragistics, or other third-party documentation on the object. OpenEdge provides two classes that inherit .NET events from Microsoft .NET classes—Progress.Windows.Form, which inherits from System.Windows.Forms.Form, and Progress.Windows.UserControl, which inherits from System.Windows.Forms.UserControl. For more information on these classes, see Creating and Using Forms and Controls. In addition, OpenEdge provides a class, Progress.Lang.BindingSource (ProBindingSource), which defines its own .NET events and inherits others from the .NET System.Windows.Forms.BindingSource class. For more information on the ProBindingSource, see Binding ABL Data to .NET Controls.
The following section provides more information on finding the information required to handle these events.