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GUI for .NET Programming
Using .NET data types in ABL : Working with .NET generic types : Identifying generic type parameters

Identifying generic type parameters

To identify what type parameter or parameters are required to construct a given .NET generic type, you can begin by using the Class Browser in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge look up the open type name, then review the complete description for the generic type in the .NET documentation.
In .NET Framework class library documentation, you can identify a generic type by how it is listed under its namespace. Depending on the .NET Framework version, the listing for the object type might include the word "Generic" or the open type parameters in parentheses. For example, the .NET Framework 4.0 listing for the Stack generic type appears under the System.Collections.Generic namespace as follows:
Stack(T) or Stack<T> Class
See the class Library reference documentation at the following location: