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GUI for .NET Programming
Using .NET data types in ABL

Using .NET data types in ABL

The .NET type system represents a complex classification system with several different levels of sometimes interchangeable types that have varying degrees of compatibility. For more information, see the documentation for the .NET Framework SDK on MSDN. ABL supports many, but not all, of the types available in the .NET type system. For basic information on .NET types and the basis for them in ABL, see the Data types reference entry in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.
* Overview of .NET data types in ABL
* General ABL support for .NET types
* Implicit data type mappings
* Explicit data type mappings
* Assigning between ABL primitive or array types and System.Object
* Passing ABL data types to .NET constructor and method parameters
* Getting .NET data member, property, and method return values
* .NET boxing support
* .NET null values and the ABL Unknown value (?)
* Support for ADO.NET DataSets and DataTables
* Accessing and using .NET enumeration types
* Working with .NET generic types
* Accessing and using .NET arrays