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.NET Open Clients
Passing Parameters : ProDataTable class methods : Schema marshaling methods : SetNoSchemaMarshal( )
SetNoSchemaMarshal( )
When flag is set to true, allows the specified DataTable to be marshaled from the .NET client to the AppServer without schema information. The syntax is:


static void SetNoSchemaMarshal(System.Data.DataTable dt, bool flag)
Using this method suppresses index descriptions and all field information and aids in faster transmission of data, thereby increasing the performance of your application.
You can use this method when the receiving side knows the schema definition for the table and validation is not necessary.
The corresponding ABL temp-table on the AppServer must have the same schema as the DataTable on the client. You can use the SetNoSchemaMarshal( ) method with a strongly typed DataTable parameter or a DataTable within a strongly typed DataSet parameter. If set to true, when the DataTable is sent to the AppServer, the AVM generates a Progress.Open4GL.Exceptions.RunTime4GLErrorException if the ABL temp-table's schema does not match the incoming data from the .NET client.
Also see PROGRESS.Session.NoSchemaMarshal for related functionality.