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Passing Parameters : ProDataTable class methods : Array methods : SetExtentColumns( )
SetExtentColumns( )
Specifies a set of columns that are the flattened representation of a temp-table array field for the specified DataTable. The syntax is:


static void SetExtentColumns(System.Data.DataTable dt, string proFieldName,
                             string startColName, int extent)
*proFieldName is the name of the array field in the temp-table. If proFieldName is not specified, the value of startColName is used
*startColName is the name of the first flattened column in the DataTable
*extent is the number of columns, including startColName, to include in the array
For example, a DataTable with the columns Name, Phone, Month1, Month2, Month3, Month4, Month5, Month6, Month7, Month8, Month9, Month10, Month11, and Month12 that mapped to a temp-table with three columns, Name, Phone, and Month with extent 12, would need to have a call to this method as follows:
ProdataTable.SetExtentColumns(myDataTbl, "Month", "Month1", 12)