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.NET Open Clients
Passing Parameters : Passing DATASET and DATASET-HANDLE parameters : ProDataSet examples : Sample dynamic ProDataSet
Sample dynamic ProDataSet
The following example shows a DATASET-HANDLE parameter.
PROCEDURE getOrders:
For this parameter, ProxyGen generates the following method in the proxy:
public void getOrders(out System.Data.DataSet dsetHndl)
For INPUT and INPUT-OUTPUT parameters, the .NET client code must supply an instance of a strongly typed DataSet or an instance of the System.Data.DataSet object that contains the appropriate schema and data, as well as any required ABL-specific mappings. For OUTPUT parameters, the DataSet variable must be declared, but the instance is created by ABL and returned to the .NET client as a parameter with all the necessary ABL mappings. For more information on these mappings, see ABL ProDataSet to ADO.NET DataSet mappings.