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Passing Parameters : ABL ProDataSet to ADO.NET DataSet mappings

ABL ProDataSet to ADO.NET DataSet mappings

The ABL DATASET (ProDataSet) maps closely to an ADO.NET DataSet. The ProDataSet is passed between .NET and the AppServer as a parameter to a procedure or user-defined function. For static ProDataSets, ProxyGen creates extended ADO.NET DataSet classes for each unique ProDataSet definition. For dynamic ProDataSets, ProxyGen uses the standard ADO.NET DataSet class for the parameters.
The ProDataSet is a collection of one or more member temp-table buffers. It also optionally contains a collection of data-relations among the member temp-table buffers. Each of these temp-table buffers can also have a data source associated with it. You can define temp-tables for ProDataSets in exactly the same way as for passing temp-table parameters (see ABL temp-table to ADO.NET DataTable mappings).
An ADO.NET DataSet shares all of these characteristics. Thus, OpenEdge supports:
*The creation of a ProDataSet on the AppServer
*Passing that ProDataSet to a .NET client application
*Allowing that application to manipulate the data using an ADO.NET DataSet
*Returning any data changes to the AppServer to update the data source for the ProDataSet
To support the mapping of ABL ProDataSets to ADO.NET DataSets, OpenEdge establishes detailed correspondences between ProDataSet components and similar ADO.NET objects. This includes the mapping of such elements as temp-table field data types and ProDataSet component attributes. For more information on the mapping of temp-table field data types, see Passing TABLE and TABLE-HANDLE parameters.
The following sections describe the mapping of ProDataSet components and their attributes:
*Mapping ProDataSet components
*Mapping ProDataSet component attributes
* Mapping ProDataSet components
* Mapping ProDataSet component attributes