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.NET Open Clients
Preface : Organization


Configuring and Deploying .NET Open Client Applications
Describes configuration prerequisites specific to .NET Open Client development and deployment.
Proxy Objects and Methods
Presents the objects and methods generated by ProxyGen for a .NET Open Client.
Connecting to an AppServer
Describes how to connect to an AppServer, by instantiating an AppObject and, optionally, a connection object.
Passing Parameters
Discusses mappings for basic data types, static and dynamic temp-tables, and static and dynamic ProDataSets (ABL ProDataSets), when data is passed between a .NET application and OpenEdge.
Accessing Proxy Properties
Describes the different ways you can access the proxy properties that govern behavior across an entire application.
Handling Errors
Describes error handling in .NET Open Client applications.
Using OpenEdge .NET Proxy Objects in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Lists the types of .NET open clients and gives an example of getting started building a .NET Open Client application using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
Using the Open Client .NET OpenAPI to Directly Access the AppServer
Describes an API for accessing application services on the AppServer from a .NET client without the need to generate Open Client proxies using ProxyGen.