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.NET Open Clients
Accessing Proxy Properties

Accessing Proxy Properties

The Open Client Runtime provides several properties that determine the behavior of the client application. These properties are called proxy properties. You can specify proxy properties default behavior with an application configuration file and/or by calling methods on the OpenEdge-provided classes, Progress.Open4GL.RunTimeProperties and Progress.Open4GL.Connection.
There are several properties that govern behavior across an entire application. These properties do not affect any particular object, but they affect the behavior of all objects created by the application. They are referred to as proxy run-time properties.
Other properties govern behavior across a single application service. These properties are called Connection properties.
This chapter describes the different ways you can access proxy properties.
* Application configuration file
* RunTimeProperties and Connection classes
* Accessing properties with methods
* Accessing properties directly
* Relationship between RunTimeProperties and Connection objects
* Modifying an instantiated Connection object's properties
* Alphabetical listing of properties