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.NET Open Clients
Passing Parameters : ABL ProDataSet to ADO.NET DataSet mappings : Mapping ProDataSet component attributes : Data-relation attribute mappings
Data-relation attribute mappings
The following table lists ABL attributes of an ABL data-relation component passed as part of a ProDataSet parameter and how they map to the corresponding ADO.NET DataRelation of the corresponding ADO.NET DataSet parameter passed in a .NET Open Client.
Table 13. Mapping ABL data-relation attributes to ADO.NET
ABL data-relation attribute
ADO.NET mapping
Gets or sets the name of the corresponding ABL data-relation.
Gets or sets a logical (.NET boolean) value indicating whether child rows of the specified ADO.NET DataRelation are nested within parent rows when they are written as XML. If the value is true, the child row elements are nested within respective parent row elements. If the value is false, the child row elements follow their respective parent row elements in sequence.
Gets or sets the list of join fields between the parent and child of the corresponding ABL data-relation.