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Using SmartDataObjects from Java Clients : Working with SDOResultSet objects

Working with SDOResultSet objects

This section describes how to use the methods supported on SDOResultSet, including both the subset of standard JDBC 2 methods and SDOResultSet extensions to JDBC 2. For information on the full JDBC 2 standard, see the JDBC 2 specification and the JDK API description. This section also describes other objects and methods that affect SDOResultSet functionality and provides information about the following:
*Detaching SDOResultSet objects [extension]
*Navigating SDOResultSet rows
*Getting SDOResultSet column values
*Updating SDOResultSet objects
*Miscellaneous management methods
*Meta data methods
In the following sections, [Extension] appears after the listed syntax for methods that are SDOResultSet extensions to JDBC 2. If a section describes methods that are all SDOResultSet extensions, [Extension]also appears after the section title.
To apply some of these extensions, you must pass parameters to the SDOResultSet factory method (_createSDOResult()), which creates the SDOResultSet object.
* Detaching SDOResultSet objects [extension]
* Navigating SDOResultSet rows
* Getting SDOResultSet column values
* Updating SDOResultSet objects
* Miscellaneous management methods
* Meta data methods