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Java Open Clients
Using SmartDataObjects from Java Clients : Working with SDOResultSet objects : Navigating SDOResultSet rows

Navigating SDOResultSet rows

The methods in the following table change or report the position of the cursor in the SDOResultSet.
Table 24. Navigating SDOResultSet rows
boolean absolute(int n)
Positions the cursor on the n-th row. A negative number positions the cursor relative to the end of the SDOResultSet. The index (n) is 1-based.
boolean previous()
Movesthe cursor backwards.
boolean next()
Moves the cursor forward.
boolean relative(int n)
Moves the cursor n rows forward (backward if n is negative).
boolean first()
Positionsthe cursor on the first row.
void beforeFirst()
Positionsthe cursor before the first row.
boolean last()
Positions the cursor on the last row.
void afterLast()
Positions the cursor after the last row.
boolean isAfterLast()
Is the cursorafter the last row?
boolean isFirst()
Is the cursor before the first row?
boolean isLast()
Is the cursor on the last row?
int getRow()
Gets the position (1-based) of the cursor.