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Java Open Clients
Accessing ABL ProDataSets : ProDataObjectMetaData class : Methods : setFieldMetaData( )
setFieldMetaData( )
Adds the specified field (column property) to the property list of the specified ProDataObject type.


void setFieldMetaData(int fieldNumber, String fieldName, int extent,
                      int proType, int userOrder, int xmlMapping)
Specifies a 1-based position for this column property that corresponds to the position of a mapped field in an ABL temp-table.
Specifies a name for the column property that is typically identical to a mapped field in the corresponding ABL temp-table. The value cannot be null and must be unique among column properties in the specified ProDataObject type.
Specifies if and how the column property represents an array field in the corresponding temp-table. The value must be 0 or greater. If the value is greater than 1, this column property is many-valued (represents an array field) and the value is its extent. If the property represents a BLOB or CLOB field, the value must be 0 or 1.
Specifies the value of a class constant defined in the com.progress.open4gl.Parameter class. The specified class constant indicates the ABL data type of the mapped temp-table field. For more information on these class constants, see the information on specifying data type meta data for temp-tables in Passing Parameters. To identify the Java data type that the column property assumes for the specified ABL data type, see Mapping single-valued fields.
Specifies a 0-based user order position for the column property.
Reserved for future use. Always specify 0.
For more information on column properties, see Using Java SDO classes to access Property meta data.