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Java Open Clients
Passing Temp-tables as SQL ResultSet Parameters : SQL ResultSet streaming and call-back sequence : OUTPUT ResultSet objects

OUTPUT ResultSet objects

On OUTPUT (or the OUTPUT side of INPUT-OUTPUT parameters), the ResultSet is not necessarily finished being transmitted to the client by the time the method call returns. The proxy buffers data for the ResultSet and makes it available sequentially to the client.
This process of buffering an OUTPUT ResultSet from the AppServer and making it sequentially available to the client is called streaming. An AppServer connection that is streaming a ResultSet is said to be in a STREAMING state. This STREAMING state remains in effect until all data is received by the client or the ResultSet is closed.
When the method containing an output ResultSet parameter returns, the client gets an object it can use to call back for more data; however, the client cannot make any other AppServer method calls while the connection is in the STREAMING state. To determine whether a connection is in the streaming state, invoke the _isStreaming() method for any proxy object using the connection.
* Order of access for OUTPUT ResultSet objects
* Closing OUTPUT ResultSet objects