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Using SmartDataObjects from Java Clients : Working with SDOResultSet objects : Meta data methods : JDBC 2 meta data methods
JDBC 2 meta data methods
The supported standard JDBC 2 methods include the ones listed in the following table:
Table 29. Standard JDBC meta data methods
int getColumnCount()
The number of columns in the SDOResultSet
int getColumnDisplaySize
(int columnIndex)
The maximum display size width of this column in characters
String getColumnLabel
(int columnIndex)
The ABL dictionary label for this column
String getColumnName
(int columnIndex)
Thenameof the column
int getColumnType
(int columnIndex)
The SQL type of the column
String getColumnTypeName
(int columnIndex)
The ABL data type name of the column
String getTableName
(int columnIndex)
The table name for this column. This is especially useful where you want to determine the original table for a column participating in a table join
int isNullable
(int columnIndex)
0 if this column is mandatory (does not allow the Unknown value (?)); 1 if it is not mandatory (allows the Unknown value (?))
boolean isReadOnly
(int columnIndex)
True if the column is an SDOResultSet read-only column
boolean isWritable
(int columnIndex)
False if the column is an SDOResultSet read-only column