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Accessing ABL ProDataSets : ProDataGraphMetaData class : Methods : addTable( )
addTable( )
Adds the specified temp-table schema definition (ProDataObject meta data) to the ProDataGraphMetaData object.
You must call this method to define each required ProDataObject collection before attaching this ProDataGraphMetaData object to the ProDataGraph. Each ProDataObjectMetaData object describes the meta data for ProDataObject instances in a collection that maps to a temp-table in the corresponding ABL ProDataSet. When you call ProDataGraph.createProDataObject(), ABL returns a ProDataObject that contains column and type data as described by the corresponding ProDataObjectMetaData object.


void addTable(ProDataObjectMetaData tablemd)
Specifies a ProDataObjectMetaData object that defines the schema of a temp-table in a ProDataGraph.